We believe the most powerful way to influence consumer behaviour is through trusted, first-person recommendations.

Why Influencers?

From searching for reviews online to asking friends for personal feedback, consumers look to peers for advice before making everyday purchases.

Authentic feedback, expressed by a trusted source, has a greater effect on consumers’ opinions along the path to purchase than any other form of marketing.

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It’s just us and our 5,000 closest friends. And their friends too.

Relationships take time to build, and we take pride in the fact that we have great relationships with our community. This personalized knowledge of exactly who’s sharing your message lends itself to a predictability that is uncommon amongst our competitors.



We choose true relationship-builders for our network of influencers—they can be bloggers, visual storytellers or social media conversationalists.

Integrity comes first for them, and they feel a personal responsibility to their followers. Able to authentically weave brand messaging into their narratives, our influencers preserve reader trust with the perfect mix of creativity and honesty.

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Gone are the days when brands told consumers who they were. Today, consumers tell consumers who a brand is. Our influencers are savvy consumers who know that being ‘real’ trumps all else, especially in marketing.

An extension of your brand, we encourage them to be everywhere you can’t always be—voice, personality and fact-sharing across multiple social touch points, providing us feedback during and after the campaign.

Feel the love.

  • “Influence Central’s smart, strategic and creative team have truly become members of the Kinder extended family over the past 2 years. Flexible and responsive, they continually exceed expectations by adding value through each interaction and project. With Influence Central, Kinder Canada has been able to establish a significant, strong, and dynamic digital & social footprint in a highly competitive media landscape.”

    Maureen Romansky Ferrero Canada Ltd.
  • “Our Brand Ambassador program with Influence Central (formerly Mom Central) has surpassed our expectations in campaign results and insights gained. They delivered efficient program management; as well as research, opportunities and new ideas to consistently refine the program. The expertise and engagement from the Influence Central team makes them more a partner than a consultant — truly a pleasure to work with.”

    Sara Vallier Sears Canada
  • “I’ve worked with Influence Central (formerly Mom Central) for many years and on different brands and I consistently find them to be an invaluable partner. They are strategic, smart and dedicated to delivering excellent results. They have an incredibly deep understanding of Canadian “Digital Moms” and know how to reach them in effective, engaging and efficient ways.”

    David Najgoldberg Reckitt-Benckiser